• Unbelievable!! They really finished off everything!!! Thank you for doing this on such short notice and I will always recommend you!!!

Again, thank you!!

- Amy Sandulli – (3-22-14)


• Everything was perfect. Not even perfect, beyond perfect. Wonderful. Amazing. I loved it, Judy loved it, our guests loved it, the Tower Ridge staff loved it. I even saw some of the serving people and bartenders taking some of the sculptures home with them after the party was over.
The temple displays were totally awesome, and I’m so glad you were able to fit them in for us, I know you were super busy. Thank you so much. Truly, you are a blessing and I’m totally using your work again if I ever have to have another party.

- Robin B. (11-15-14)


• Kelly, Thanks for coming through with an awesome display on short notice over a busy weekend. The Bonefish Grill private room looked splendid and my wife was both totally surprised and, most importantly, delighted. As an added benefit, I managed to get most of the balloons home and reused them to decorate my house and yard for the buffet reception we had for family from the night before and many close and dear friends. The balloons truly created the atmosphere I was looking for. So again, Thank You so much!

-R. Rodner - (9-20-14)